1980 triumph spitfire

1980 triumph spitfire good condition well maintained

Make: triumph

Model: spitfire

Year: 1980

Engine: 1.5L 1493CC l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated

Engine: RWD

Mileage: 76,000

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): TFVDW2AT6543

Number of Cylinders: 4

Transmission: manual

Fuel Type: gasoline

the car is in great condition. it runs great and there are no mechanical problems.
i’d like to point out that the car
where in good hands and the previous owner replaced almost everything
under the hood in order to keep it in great condition. the only thing
that needs to be replaced are the door panels.
how i got it.
i worked for a rich italian family in chicago and got the car when the
owner passed away. he was the second owner. his wife bought the car for
him as a gift in 1982. they repainted the car in red the same year
cause both hated brown original color. through the years he put over
$20,000 into it. the car was in chicago until 1999 and after – they kept
it in their vacation house up in wisconsin. he passed away in 2008 and
the car wasn’t driven since than cause his wife can’t handle the stick. the car was kept in garage for all those
years — no rust. i got the car last november.
now — what he did/replaced (i’ve got the last records and the list is not complete):
mileage 63,129:
new rear muffler and hangers
new coolant cap housing and check charging system
new valve cover gasket and valves
flush all fluids plus lube oil and filter
overhaul carburetor and complete replacement of choke assembly
new accelerator cable
new spark plugs
new bushings
new fuel pump and hoses
new rack boots
new air filter
new rods
new washers
new battery hold kit
new springs
new sway bar links
new sleeve
new spacers
new front brake pads and rotors
mileage 64,890:
new alternator
his wife said that he bought lot of parts from victoriabritish but i do not have receipts.
now — what i did with my friend (who helped me):
new vinyl seats
complete check of all fluids
new valve gasket and complete check of the engine system
restoration of the trunk, the hood and everything beneath it.
the door panels need to be replaced. the lock on the driver’s door doesn’t work. the other thing, my friend broke the handle on the driver’s door as well: he tried to remove the panel but didn’t know how to take the handle off and after many failed attempts pulled it in anger. it’s a car built in 1980 and i use forums on the internet for consulting but i wasn’t with him when he did it. we ordered (from spitbits) the handle but decided not to do the panels. we have extra
rotors and shocks/springs that we wanted to sell separately on ebay but
we’ll include it in the deal instead; plus we have a set of new pads. as well,
we have the original metal rooftop (the condition is so-so) and the
soft one that was used for two years and is in great condition. we have
two covers but have no idea what they are for.
my cell is 708-340-4851 (call or text); email – the_long_journey_pictures@yahoo.com
thank you for reading.

Item location: Willowbrook, Illinois, United States


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