1980 mercedes-benz other 406 diesel

1980 mercedes-benz other 406 diesel

mercedes unimog u900 model 406 diesel w/ schmidt s series snowblower tractor 4wd

Make: mercedes-benz

Model: other

Year: 1980

Engine: Diesel

Engine: 4WD

Mileage: 15,893

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 032683

Number of Cylinders: 4

Transmission: manual

Fuel Type: diesel

mercedes unimog u900
model: 406 diesel
15,893 miles
2484 hours
runs excellent
18 forward and 6 reverse gears
*considered a tractor- sold with bill of sale
includes: 1993 schmidt s series snowblower
pto drive
excellent working order
government unit
snow removal at a local small airport.

Item location: De Pere, Wisconsin, United States


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