1973 volvo other

1973 volvo other

1973 volvo 1800 p1800 1800es p1800es daily driver oklahoma car no reserve!

Make: volvo

Model: other

Year: 1973

Engine: Fuel Injected B20

Engine: Manual

Mileage: 120,000

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1836354006110

Fuel Type: gasoline

selling my 73 volvo 1800es daily driver. yes i’m actually selling a car and not just the parts! i decided to sell this volvo so i have the money to finish the restoration on my other 73 es w/ ac.
car has a clean michigan title in my name.
i have uploaded a huge selection of picture slideshows & videos on youtube. simply search “nick tarlton yellow 73 volvo 1800es”. once you find one video you can watch the others i have uploaded. i highly recommend watching all these slideshows & videos. please consider these finely crafted videos as part of my description.
i can also be reached by phone if you have further questions. if i don’t answer please leave a message. if your outside of the us i prefer email. please read entire description and view the videos/pictures on youtube before calling. 586.321.6572.
car is available to view in person or by a hired agent. car is not plated or insured so test drives will be short & down my dirt road in the country only.
i welcome international buyers. i have shipped overseas before (67 triumph gt6) and can help with the process.
my long brutally honest description:
original oklahoma car w/ 112k miles (undocumented). driven from oklahoma 20 years ago and parked in a detroit warehouse until i bought it this spring. car’s gas was drained before being stored. very solid body with some minor rust/body repairs that could be left as is while using as a daily driver. rear hatch area on drivers side had the worst of the rust. while in storage the warehouse roof leaked and water sat in rear hatch glass channel. channel has some rust but no holes luckily saving the trunk area of any rust. i removed the trim and rubber seal in the channel. all loose rust was removed and area was primed to stop further rusting. rubber seal and trim was placed back. the roof leak also caused rust between rear hatch channel and taillight. there is a few very small holes in this area. area was wire-brushed, primed, and painted yellow. yellow does not match of course. floor pan areas of rust treated in the same way. interior seats and carpets removed. floors wire-brushed removing all loose rust. floors then spot sprayed with primer to stop further rusting. driver side has two holes. one hole is directly over jack point and only goes into the rail. i can fit about three fingers in that hole (largest of any holes). other hole on drivers side is near the e-brake handle. it’s at the edge of a floor plug. it’s small and i can fit one finger in it. passengers side has small holes along the inner rocker & floor. there is also a few small holes along the seam of the floor & transmission tunnel hump. passengers side outer rocker has a few rust holes. i sprayed with some yellow paint to help clean it up a little. there is also small rust areas in lower fenders just behind rear wheels. i just spot sprayed with yellow paint. front fender has small dent on drivers side just behind front wheel. should be easy to pop out by pulling splash panel and working it out from backside. car has older repaint and needs to be painted again. paint color is “patchy” and dull in many areas. my body guy quoted me $2500 for body and paint. that’s painting outside of car only and did not include engine bay or interior areas. bottom of car & inner wheel wells have been wire-brushed & painted black. that was a very dirty job and i hope my work will be appreciated by the buyer. i have been all over this car and can find no signs of any previous accidents.
interior is in really good shape. front seats have been recovered in vinyl. drivers side bottom seat cushion has popped stitching. should be easy to pull cover & repair. passengers side seat in great shape. rear seats very good with no damage. all interior panels in great condition with only the drivers side map pocket with rips. dash in very nice shape. top comes with new top cover (not installed). lower dash has cracks near steering wheel base. all gauges and switches in good condition. radio works! clock & cigarette lighter do not work. carpets in front very nice while rear cargo area carpets are somewhat faded & discolored. glass in great condition w/ no cracks or chips in front windshield. headliner & sun visors in good condition with no rips. rear view mirror is brittle and falling apart. this is common and there are other volvo models with similar style that could be bought and used to replace this one. center shifter console like new with original key for the compartment lock. seat belts in good condition. back drivers side lap belt is stuck. not sure who can actually fit in the back of one of these cars anyway. all interior window and door handles work. drivers side window winds up a little stiff and may just need internal door mechanism greased. both doors open and close well. passengers door sticks slightly and may need slight adjustment. drivers side vent window missing it’s pull handle.
exhaust does not appear to be stock but still functions. it’s on the loud side. my son says it sounds like a race car! tires are a mix of ones i had around the property. they hold air but should be replaced before driving the car on a regular basis. i was quoted $320 for new tires mounted. suspension appears to be in order & original but i’m sure could be much improved with some ipd upgrades. have not heard any unwanted noises from the rear-end. brakes are in good condition and had been redone before going into warehouse storage. looks like rear brake hoses also replaced while front still look like original ones. gas tank is in very good condition with a working sender unit.
exterior chrome bumpers & door handles in good condition. bumpers are “driver” quality with scuffs and scratches but no dings or dents. stainless fender and door trims have the typical dings. new sets are available. all exterior lighting appears to be in working order with one front turn signal light bulb burned out. lighting bezels and chrome taillight housings in very good condition. lenses are all very good. drivers side rear taillight lens has some minor damage along top edge. rear hatch glass hinges and handle chrome in good condition. handle is broke and does not lock. hatch shocks are worn out and need to be replaced. top luggage rack is very nice but chrome does have some pitting. front grille surround is from a 71 1800e and does not fit very well. i have a picture on youtube showing how it fits. surround chrome is decent but does have dent/damage at top center. the grille insert in very nice and has been painted “chrome”. i feel the original black gets lost when looking at the car. car is missing its carbon canister that fits behind the grille in the nose section. horns are not working. front windshield & side cargo area glass rubber seals are in very good condition. all other seals should be replaced if it’s ever going to see rain. exterior mirrors are very good. car will need new wiper blades.
engine runs very well. starts very easy every time. has had recent oil change. i have not done a coolant flush & would maybe recommend it since it had been in storage so long. compression test shows 145, 140, 145, 145. four speed laycock j type transmission shifts very well in all gears w/ functioning overdrive. car does not smoke. no fluid leaks.
that’s about all i can think of. i’m sure i’m missing something but just ask if there is information i left out you may need.
please only bid if your serious and you have the money. if you need permission from a family member before buying please do so! it takes a lot of time to sell a car and i don’t want to relist it. thanks.
car is as they say “sold as is” unless i grossly mispresented something about the car, which i highly doubt will happen. i will not refund cost of shipping or return shipping. no refunds for international buyers.
i have shipped many cars and can help you make arrangements. i’m able to help load the car. my street has access for a full size car carrier semi. i can also deliver the car myself for a fee if your not far away. payment in cash is always best but money orders, wire transfers, cashiers checks are also ok. sorry no trades.
thanks for reading until the end & good luck.
on aug-29-14 at 16:35:32 pdt, seller added the following information:local volvo enthusiast came over today with better compression check tool. tested three times. results below. keep in mind 72 & 73 had lower compression compared to the 70-71 1800e. thanks.
1st test: 156, 140, 161, 155
2nd test: 154, 141, 162, 156
3rd test: 155, 142, 163, 156
on aug-30-14 at 20:29:04 pdt, seller added the following information:to make it easier to see the youtube videos & slideshows here are the links:
walk around (3 total) w/ pictures slideshow of body & paint
underbody & suspension pictures slideshow
inner fender & brakes videos & pictures slideshow
engine compartment videos & pictures slideshow
interior videos & pictures slideshow
floor pans & trunk pictures slideshow
additional pictures slideshow
on sep-02-14 at 17:52:34 pdt, seller added the following information:took two new videos of the car running up and down my road. links are below.
went on a 10 mile drive today (dirt country roads). the more i drive this car the better it runs! i’ve really been downplaying this car but i won’t downplay how fun it is to drive. it was a total blast! the car accerates great and really starts to move in 3rd & 4th gear. took it up to 70 on the dirt (don’t tell my wife!) and it drives straight as a arrow. suspension feels better than i thought it would and it’s not “clunky” like my 66 mustang was. car does not hesitate or overheat. pulled the shifter boot so i could hear the trans and it sounds great. overdrive functioned great with no problems. listen to the videos with headphones for the best sound.
also horns are now working.
i went on a 10 mile drive in the country t

Item location: Armada, Michigan, United States


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