1973 mercedes-benz sl-class 450sl

1973 mercedes-benz sl-class sl

1973 mercedes – benz 450sl 107 body – small bumpers 4.5 – 450 sl
66,197 orig miles! – solid rustr free chassis –

Make: mercedes-benz

Model: sl-class

Year: 1973

Engine: 4.5 Liter

Engine: RWD

Mileage: 66,197

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 10704412009454

Number of Cylinders: 8

Transmission: automatic

Body Type: convertible

Power Options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows

Fuel Type: gasoline

1973′ mercedes-benz
450 sl – under 67,000 orig miles !
featuring desired small bumpers & efi
about this item:
presented for your consideration:
my dream project – partially completed !!!
for bid: my 73′ mercedes 450 sl. this has been in my possession for several years now and remains a garage queen. the car hails from las vegas originally and had been well maintained and garaged prior to my acquisition, as well as on my watch too. the “goods” are many on this ultra low mileage car (yes the odometer works and hasn’t knowingly skipped a beat). this car shows zero cancer – anywhere – which is so rare on an old unibody 107 cars. the rockers are stone solid, i did peel back a section of undercoating just to inspect and they are very solid. the undercarriage looks more like a 3 year old car with 20k on it… so a very good platform from which to expand on. next, the black interior is far above average and shows proper care and storage. no dry rot – seats are perfect under the sheepskin covers. original loop carpet is mint, and center console areas and headliner are exceptional too! glass is all good and the power windows work as they should. the only noted flaw inside is a hairline dash crack. i have not removed the hardtop during the time i have owned the car but the softop should be present in the boomerang tray.
she was originally gold and was re-sprayed black about 10 yrs ago. ok job, but used a bit too much hardner and exhibits a little peeling on a front fender trim clip and around one door handle and in a few spots. the car does remain sharp looking though and the bulk of paint is quite shiny and the chrome is exceptional remaining bright and shiny.
the car was running and the d jet fuel injection electronics fully functional – but a problem was detected. the car was parked in my garage and sorting began. the rub: it’s suspected a minor one (but a major pain to get to). the car made a bit of steam out the exhaust. i immediately drained the oil and found some coolant in it. i then flushed the oil and then overfilled crankcase with 10-30 to displace any moisture and prevent crank or bearing / journal pitting and drained all the water and coolant – so – in other words – immediately addressed and properly preserved for sorting. also, the trans front main seal needs exercising or replacing as when it sits for extended periods (as is the case with all older mbs) some trans fluid leaks.
everything else was ok to my knowledge. at least for a maintained – but original 40 yr old car. i had just replaced some fuel tank components (hoses, filter, and cleaned the accumulator). suspension components are aged and could use some updating as the car is 40 yrs old and independent of low mileage – rubber does age.
so thats the story. i’m getting older with a number of health issues, coupled with other projects demanding my attention, so in an attempt to downsize, i’m parting with my beloved baby, hoping someone with the drive, know how, and skill will get her back on the road again.
i’m not holding out for a king’s ransom here either i’m opening the auction at a price i could sell both bumpers for… but this car is far too clean to part (look at the undercarriage – it looks factory new – the seats are just a hair under concourse level nice – all the lenses – all good and not cracked – solid newer exhaust – maintained – and garaged)…. i’m hoping when you do the calculations that you see the value here – as clean 107s are getting scarce and most of those have a quarter million miles on em too.
buy this little black benz “head turner” today!
highlites of this 450sl include:
* cancer free chassis and body !
* pre epa/dot “small” bumpers !
* highest hp per cu inch (no catalytics) !
* massive 4.5 liter ohc v8 w bosch efi !
* easily adaptable to higher hp and tuning
* exceedingly clean interior
so with a bit of love this will be a very nice car! it will need to be shipped, as i have pulled the belt driven accessories off as i planned to pull the timing cover first and look for a common failure of an o ring, where water and oil can co-mingle. all the parts were properly boxed, labeled, and most cleaned, and will be shipped in the trunk – ready to re-install.
local pickup would be my preference but i can help co-ordinate with a “u-ship” type shipper or any carrier of your choosing.
please note:
if you do bid, please bid with the intent of completing the transaction as i need the garage space by mid october (i can hold the car that long with a proper deposit or full payment – and i wont charge a storage fee).
i’m happy to answer sincere questions from intent bidders. i’ve tried to highlight what i can about my baby – and i’m not thinking i’ve missed anything. of course, the car is 40 years old, so some parts will be dry. some i’ve fixed – some i havent. brakes were good – i dont recall the ac working, the car always fired up within about a revolution of the engine and never stumbled. no guarantee on the battery as it’s about 5 yrs old and has no charge currently.
my original plan was to go for far more hp too as this engine can easilly produce it. i do have a megasquirt efi controller and modified fuel rail and injectors from a friends 73′ slc that has been partially pre-mapped. i will make this available for a nominal sum to the winner if desired.

Item location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


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