1964 triumph tr-6

1964 triumph vitesse

Make: triumph

Model: tr-6

Year: 1964

Mileage: 48,000

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): HB4063E

Fuel Type: gasoline

1964 triumph vitesse under 700 only imported, rare. car came from california. this car is not finished a new project was more important to finish. it needs carbs, carpet finished laying, windshield has a small crack. door & window rubbers and a better muffler .extra manifold to accomodate webber carbs included. carbs not number matched new parts: new top, new interior, new tires, new battery, engine parts: new pistons, rings, bearings, timing chain, valves & guides, clutch disk, slave cylinder, water pump, electric fuel pump, starter rebuilt, alternator, plugs & points, brake cylinder, brake hose, pads, & rotors, gages, cleaned gas tank, sender unit gas tank, rebuilt complete instrument panel, wiper motor rebuilt, rebuilt transmission cover, new paint, new windshield rubber, rewired, bushings in steering column water hoses, oil & filter.

Item location: Ogdensburg, Wisconsin, United States


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