1957 volvo other

1957 volvo other

1957 volvo 444 – complete project car

Make: volvo

Model: other

Year: 1957

Engine: B18

Engine: rear wheel drive

Mileage: 1,000

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): none

Transmission: 3 speed manual

this car came to texas by way of new mexico. oddly, there is a tiny bit of rust and an easily fixable rust- through hole in the rear valence. i have stripped all the paint off the exterior and rattle-can primed it. i don’t have the original b16 motor but there is a complete b18 (oddly located in the passenger seat area). the body is very good and all the glass (except on of the flat windshield lites ) is good. i have all the chrome trim except two swam emblems these are available often on ebay). the seats are intact but shot. interior door panels are missing but can be acquired or fashioned. the only missing elements, are the cabin heater system and, possibly, the windshield wiper system. this is a readily restorable car. i am only selling it because it lost its home in my divorce settlement. haha!

Item location: Grand Prairie, Texas, United States


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