1955 amc rambler cross country wagon 4 door wagon

1955 amc rambler cross country wagon 4 door wagon

1955 rambler cross country wagon w/factory a/c and auto trans. 196cu 6 cyl

Make: amc

Model: rambler cross country wagon

Year: 1955

Engine: 196 cu Flat Head 6 cyl

Engine: Rear

Mileage: 58,889

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): D-261280

Number of Cylinders: 6

Transmission: 3 speed auto

Body Type: station wagon

Warranty: none

Power Options: Air Conditioning

bill of sale only. mostly complete with mostly great glass, nice bumpers, all stainless & includes flying lady hood ornament. odo shows 58,889 and is probably correct. the car sat in a field for 30+ years so the floors are shot but very little beyond surface rust on the body. big dent on the left front fender and a small crease on the left quarter panel. very straight doors as this was a rural car so very little parking lot exposure. i have a file full of info i’ve gathered on the car. very rare car. very few with auto & a/c.
this is a very rare car. a/c became available in ramblers in 1954 due to their acquiring kelvinator ( i believe) in ’53. only high end cars like caddies and chryslers had a/c in ’55. chevy didn’t even offer a/c until ’56.
i’ve been watching ebay for a year and have only seen 3 other 55 rambler wagons with this equipment. mine is thousands cheaper.
i would love to redo the car but already have more than i can handle. i really just saw an opportunity to save this one from oblivion. i would like to see it go to someone who appreciates its unique character as much as i do.

Item location: Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, United States


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