1940 lincoln continental zepher continental

1940 lincoln continental zepher continental

1940 lincoln convertable

Make: lincoln

Model: continental

Year: 1940

Engine: Lincoln V 12

Engine: Rear Wheel

Mileage: 10,000

Number of Cylinders: 12

Transmission: standard 3 speed on column (3 on-the-tree)

Body Type: convertable

Warranty: none

Fuel Type: gasoline

this is a chance someone to own a for extremely rare and famous real classic car. this car is a factory handmade 1940 lincoln zepher continental convertible. i am sure any ford expert would tell you how rare these cars are. they only made 350 of them in 1940.
i am selling my 1940 lincoln zepher continental convertible. the car just reeks top class and belongs in a car collection to be admired. (this car really belongs in a car collection like jay lenos’ or a collection that its “class” is going considerable upgrade it. it definitely would upgrade any collection !) i restore antique cars, but am a driver- restorer. my cars in my collection are driven and maybe shown once in a while. this car is too valuable and rare for my taste and restoration. the car needs restoration but is remarkable condition for it’s age. what is for sale is the combination of two lincoln convertibles (one a bit more rusty than the other).
most of the parts of sheet metal on the car that have rust have been reproduced. there is a new dash, two sets of top irons, two steering columns and steering wheels, complete interior (if not then there is at least 97% there), the columbia rear end, four doors, fenders that are practically rust free and two practically rust free hoods, bumpers and a ton of interior parts and exterior parts, etc.
in other words, at least two of just about everything. or about four of the things you would need two of!
i want to sell the lincoln, but i’m going to be perfectly honest about lorane (the name my family gave to the lincoln). the car is a restores dream. it will be fairly easy to restore (been there and done that), but it will not be able to done on a shoestring. a car of this quality and fame will require the top of line no matter what has to be done. but it will well worth the investment ! this year lincoln is extremely rare and valuable !

Item location: Hinckley, Illinois, United States


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